A J Bepari

  Mr Bepari started his legal career in 2003 as a paralegal, and it has been 17 years he has been in this profession. He has gathered extensive knowledge and skills in Immigration and Human Rights law. He has also undertaken an extensive number of cases in the law of the European and completed them [...]

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Mohammad Islam Khan

Mohammad Islam Khan LLB (Hons) (PGDL).  Mr Khan is a senior solicitor and head of the Immigration department at Lincolns Solicitors.  Mr Khan has in-depth Knowledge of all areas of Immigration law.   His expertise covers Immigration, Nationality law, Asylum, Human Rights, European Union law and judicial Reviews. He is interviewed by T.V and radio Channels [...]

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Michael Situ

Michael is a Solicitor Advocate at Lincolns Solicitors. Michael has extensive experience of all areas of criminal law covering murder, large scale drugs, serious fraud, firearm right down to motoring offences. He regularly appears in Magistrates and Crown Courts. He has expertise in representing young people and his unique approach helps achieve the best for [...]

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